From the Beehive

It would not be an exaggeration if we say that it was the women who ensured that faith is carried on from generation to generation. The grandmothers, the mothers, the sisters and the daughters were core to holding firm on the faith that was handed down and in passing it on. Their coming together is not only to strengthen their own faith but also to strengthen the commitment of sharing that faith and helping others find root and fruit in that faith.

Weekly Programme Schedule

Day Time Person in charge Session Outcome
3rd  Saturday 1:00 PM Cooking Instructor Cooking New Recipe’s
3rd  Saturday 3:00 PM Vicar Personal Visits Aged care**
1st  Sunday 12 45 PM Kochamma Bible lesson Theology


** Visits to be done for any St Mathews member who needs bit of support and to the local aged care facilities. Meaningful programmes and projects the Women Fellowship can engage in can be thought of