Rev. Vinod Victor,

Appointed as Priest in Charge of St. Matthews Anglican Church of Ashburton and the Melbourne CSI Church, our present Vicar Rev. Vinod Victor is from the Church of South India on deputation to the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne. Hailing from the South Kerala Diocese of the CSI he brings to Australia a very rich and diverse ecumenical experience. He was the first Director of the Church of South India Synod Department of Youth at its formation and left an indelible mark in the glocal ecumenical youth scene. He went on to head the Churches Integrated Life Development Centre (CHILD) as its Director that catered to families of Life Prisoners. The World Council of Churches later invited him to be the Coordinator of the South Asia Ecumenical Partnership Programe (SAEPP) jointly with the Christian Conference of Asia and the National Councils of India, Pakistan, Srilanka, Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan. On completion of his term he returned to the Diocese as Presbyter in Charge of the CSI Cathedral and looked after all the Orphanages, Old Age Homes and Community projects of the Diocese that was a balm to several abandoned souls. Whatever ecumenical assignments he took on he was always a parish priest holding responsibility of a local parish. His pastoral acumen is most evident in the transformation he brought about in the Barton Hill community where he served for six years and the endearing he received at Lenin Nagar where he served five years before formally moving full time to the Trivandrum Cathedral and completing a full term of five years there.

Rev. Vinod Victor is a gifted Biblical scholar and preacher. He has the rare distinction of being both the preacher and the translator at the Maramon Convention one of world biggest gospel events. He has preached in conventions in all the five continents and has travelled to several countries preaching the good news. He closely worked with the Church Mission Society in its Asia process and is a Trustee of Asia CMS. He was part of the South Asia Christian Youth Network (SACYN) and has been part of the organising of all the twelve major SACYN conferences held annually since 2002. He is an active member of the Board of the Christian Mission Service which caters to over 5000 orphan children in India. He also was a prominent face in the Christian Medical College Vellore Council. Taking ecumenism to the grass root levels he was the Spiritual Advisor of the United Christian Movement in Trivandrum and brought the churches together in projects like Home to the Homeless and Marriages of the poor. With Rev. Valson Thambu he patroned the Abundant Life India movement in Kerala. He endeared himself to the Pentecostals through his very popular programme in Power Vision TV “Jeevakatha” that was aired five years continuously and is still being telecast. Vinod also worked closely with the India Disability Ecumenical Advocacy (IDEA) team coordinated by the NCCI.

Rev. Vinod Victor is a known lyricist. His ecumenical contributions in coordinating the South Asians in the Porto Alegre Assembly of the World Council of Churches in Brazil and the Christian Conference of Asia Assembly in Chiang Mai stood out. He was recently in charge of the Youth Pre Assembly for the Jakarta Assembly of the Christian Conference of Asia held in Indonesia. He was also a very vocal and creative presence in the CSI Synod meetings.

Rev. Vinod Victor is blessed with a huge asset of good friends all over the world and his timely interventions through the social media has been a blessing for several people. He has been a regular presence in the pre marital counselling programme of the CSI South Kerala Diocese for over twelve years making him also a sought after friend for people to pour out their griefs.

On being asked about his call to Australia he just said, “I am sure God has a plan and in God’s appointed time that plan would be unfolded for us to see and thank God.”

Family Details
Father: Mr. Victor E Joseph
Mother: Mrs. Rita Victor
Wife: Mrs. Molly Catherine
Children: Giji Anna Vinod & 
Dorothy Rachel Vinod
Birthday : January 21
Wedding Day: December 23


Rev. Vinod Victor can be contacted at:


Phone: +61-426-100-695