The Melbourne CSI Church was initiated in 2011 as an answer to several decades of prayerful waiting of members of the Church of South India who came to Australia and settled here. While they worshipped in the near by congregations they kept desiring for a Malayalam service. Even when the sister churches were formed though several people became part of the same the burning desire in several families to continue the inherited tradition of the united and uniting church eventually found fruit.

Rev. Jobby John was appointed Vicar of the congregation who alongside his doctoral studies contributed tremendously to the initial building of the church alongside a group of very committed Christian families

The church was registered as a Charity and sought and received approval of the CSI Synod as a recognised church overseas. The Church then went on to receive sponsor privileges too.

The Anglican Diocese of Melbourne and the St. Matthews Congregation of Ashburton agreed on a ministry and space sharing agreement with the Melbourne CSI Church wherein the CSI worships in the St. Matthews facility, the vicar uses their vicarage and also is Priest in Charge of St. Matthews congregation. The congregation which initially met at Mitcham Anglican Church thus relocated to Ashburton and continues to worship there now.

The constitution of the Melbourne CSI was then drafted which envisaged pastors coming in turns from all the Malayalam speaking dioceses in Kerala which is a remarkable step in the ecumenical and uniting witness of the Church of South India.