How do we make church relevant and meaningful trans-generations in the fast moving and rapidly secularising Australian context?

How do we make worship in the multi cultural context meaningful encounters with the divine?

Setting of the Objective

The role and responsibility of a Malayalam congregation in Melbourne in ensuring

  • Meaningful worship
  • Relational Fellowship
  • Relevant Service
  • Practical Witnessing
  • Visible Unity

As we have many Malayalam Christian congregations the impact of MCSI needs to be carefully and constantly studied and reviewed. To set the objective at the early stages will help us to shape the plans for the future. How will we be different from other similar groups will have to continuously define our objectives.


Children and Youth gives us an important dimension to the development of churches. Continual presence of youth in our church will determine the success of this endeavour. On the flip side the absence of youth from our worship sessions will surely be the sign of a fading congregation. Effective planning will sustain youth and thus life in the church.

Church in the Public Domain

Can our church have a definite Christian say in the social issues in our communities and take a definitive ethical position?

Can we be an active member in the ever slowing down Christian conversions?

Melbourne CSI Church has to have its rightful place in the ecumenical scenario of Victoria and that of Australia.

Melbourne CSI Church also should affirm its responsibility towards fellow Christians all over Australia and we need to seek ways of supporting their formation into viable congregations transcending feelings of diocesan and denominational barriers.