Church of South India | Melbourne | Australia

Welcome To Our Church Website

Welcome to Melbourne CSI Church, a Church of South India Congregation established in 2011 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Melbourne CSI Congregation is a Bible-centered, fellowship promoting, praxis oriented group that affirms the centrality of Jesus’ teachings in the life and witness of its believers. We believe that God’s plan for this congregation in this part of the world is missiological. Hence we also prayerfully acknowledge the great legacy of missionaries who laid the foundation for the largest protestant group in India, the Church of South India with 4.5 million members in its fold.

We believe that our call to be in this land has a definite purpose. Our calling demands from us Dedication, Preparation, Prayer and Worship Life. We hope to build our worshipping community based on these tenets of spiritual wisdom. Moreover, our belief is that emerging challenges in a ‘globalised’ world ridden in economic disparities, class distinctions, caste, racial & ethnic differences and above all the depletion of natural resources are burdens that every faith community should address as a ‘spiritual burden’. These, we believe are enshrined in the motto of the Church of South India, ‘THAT THEY ALL MAY BE ONE’ – John 17:21

We sincerely hope that each and every deliberation, worship life and spiritual activity will lead us to respond positively to the message of Jesus and his gospel. We promise the community that surrounds us – a close-knit fellowship, meaningful worship atmosphere and a missional heart. We also welcome you to savor the worship life, fellowship time and different activities of the congregation including Sunday school, Youth, Choir and Women’s Fellowship. We yearn to grow through our Bible devotions, cottage prayers, and regular organisational meetings.

Jesus is the foundation, the motivation and the message of our existence. Let us exalt His name that is above all names.